Robert Whiting

Coming April 20, 2021

A delightful memoir of the author’s five-decade love affair with a city that ‘hypnotized’ him and never let go.” Kirkus Reviews

Robert Whiting is a best-selling, critically-acclaimed author who has written extensively on Japan and Japanese-American relations. His book You Gotta Have Wa was a Pulitzer Prize candidate. One of his other books, Tokyo Underworld, is being developed into a TV series.

His latest book is Tokyo Junkie, a memoir focused on his life in Japan that combines Japanese postwar history and Japanese-American relations with his own experiences. It will be published at a date to be announced.

Whiting first came to Japan in 1962, at 19 years old, while serving in US Air Force intelligence. He has spent most of his life in Japan since then.

Prior to enlisting in the Air Force, Whiting grew up in Eureka, California.

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